Rhiannon Gill : Watercolour Vase


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Your next trip to the florist will be a TREAT with this Watercolour vase handmade by Rhiannon Gill. Featuring a cylindrical body and splashed with honey brown, beige and peach glaze, This delicious vase will house the boldest bouquet to the subtlest sweat pea.

  • 16.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Handmade from Stoneware clay
  • Peach and Nude glaze on exterior 

About the Maker

South Coast potter Rhiannon Gill is always on the search for the perfect balance between form and function. Rhiannon creates from her Corrimal, NSW studio, a local inspiration of an artist living her dream by taking the jump from hobby potter to full-time ceramicist. When Rhiannon isn’t working in her backyard studio you’ll find her walking the beaches and escarpment bush tracks looking for her next muse.

Read more about Rhiannon here on our blog

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