52 Gypsies : Little Odyssey Opal Necklace


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Forged on gypsy anvil, the Little Odyssey necklace is a small yet eye grasping piece from South Coast jeweller Bec, founder of 52 Gypsies. Available in Sterling Silver, with a petite Australian Opal punched into the hearts centre of the pendant. Opals were traditionally worn to protect the wearer from evil and to symbolise confidence.

Featuring a delicate and sturdy adjustable chain, you'll find this necklace easy to layer with others from the collection or simply wear on its own. At one length sitting just at the base of your neck.

Each piece has been lovingly handcrafted inside of the 52 Gypsie’s studio located in Nowra, South of Sydney. Designed with a compulsion to create; with beauty and aesthetic at the forefront. We love this necklace layered with the Joy Orbiter necklace, to enhance each opal stone! So divine.

  • 3.55mm Australian triple A grade opal stone
  • Sterling Silver
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Fine oval chain belcher 
  • 45cm chain

About the Maker

Brought to life in Nowra on the South Coast of Sydney, 52 Gypsies founder Bec has perfected the fine art of creating trinkets available in Gold or Sterling Silver under the concept of ‘jewellery to muse in’. Founded in dreams and fettled by the heart, Bec has an understanding of these metals like no other.

Delicate in appearance, yet strong in practicality Becs appreciation of gems and precious metal is evident in her work.

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