Wanderer Magazine - Issue 5


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Wanderer Magazine fifth Print issue STRANGE. This issues mag is 112 A4 pages of passionate artists and creatives giving a run down on how they got to where they are now. A very jam pack issue with oh so many inspiring interviews, photographers and more.

This issue, Wanderer authors are exploring what ‘strange’ means to us. It may simply be when something feels unfamiliar, or not quite normal. But if we look back on some of the most normal things in our lives, they too were once probably strange to us. They only became ‘unstrange’ as we became used to them. Think about the journeys of friendships forming in hopes to make a band. Think of moving into a new home where the first night feels cold and unfriendly, yet by the last you are crying because you don’t want to leave. Think of the shoes your mum gave you which you once thought wouldn’t suit you, but are now your favourites. Think of the future you saw yourself in, in contrast to the future you’ve arrived at.

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