Anamone Studios : Land Cup


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Anamone Studios : Land Cup
Anamone Studios : Land Cup

From potter Emma Motion, Anamone Studios. Emma has created this mug as part of our Forty Two Mugs campaign. A concept by Noel & Gladys to celebrate functional art telling the stories of ceramic artists and their mugs.

Emma's collection inspired by our earth and the wonderful things in it. Emma uses speckled stoneware clay with a range of glazes from matte white, and satin matte greens and tans. 

Each month you'll find a new artist on our shelves featuring forty two mugs they have built, sculpted and crafted with their hands. The designs featured are chosen by the artists.

The image here is an example of what you will receive. Each piece is individually formed so no two pieces are ever made the same, ensuring your mug is that little extra special.

  • 8.5cm x 8cm 
  • 150-200mls approx. 
  • Stoneware

    About the Maker

    Emma Motion is a ceramic artist based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, trading under the name Anamone Studios. Emma focuses on natural earthy tones in her glazes with simplistic forms in stoneware ceramics. 

    Anamone Studios : Land Cup
    Anamone Studios : Land Cup

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