Hey Lenny : Landslip Tumbler 7


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From potter Hey Lenny. Loretta has created this mug as part of our Forty Two Mugs campaign. A concept by Noel & Gladys to celebrate functional art telling the stories of ceramic artists and their mugs.

Loretta's collection features fun, lofty handles and warm, earthy tones with textures inspired by her home in The Grampians and a love of the ocean waiting just a stone's throw away.

Each month you'll find a new artist on our shelves featuring forty two mugs they have built, sculpted and crafted with their hands. The designs featured are chosen by the artists.

The image here is an example of what you will receive. Each piece is individually formed so no two pieces are ever made the same, ensuring your mug is that little extra special.

  • 10cm x 7.5cm 
  • Stoneware

About the Maker

Loretta Houghton began her journey with a degree and eventual dream job and successful career in interior design and styling. Realising there was much more of her creative side to explore, Loretta discovered a sea change was needed and pottery classes at her local studio transformed into a fully-fledged love affair of the making process. She believes our homes are a reflection of our lives and when we fill them with pieces thoughtfully crafted, that energy will permeate around us.

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