Peta Armstrong : Double Fantasy Tumbler


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The Double Fantasy Tumbler will have you musing as you drink your big cuppa tea. Decorated glaze with artwork in a snake like feature hand painted by the artist Peta Armstrong.

  • 11 cm H x 8.5 cm W
  • Wheel thrown mug with handle
  • On-glaze decoration
  • High fired stoneware

About the Maker

Peta Armstrong makes high fired stoneware ceramics from her studio located in the Surfcoast Shire of Victoria, Australia. The greatest influence on her work has been to entirely lean into the process after an extended break from working with clay. During this time away from the studio she worked in the screen printing industry as a graphic artist and designer. The hiatus allowed her to approach the work from a new vantage leaving her equally enamoured with making both functional and sculptural objects.

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