Alicia McVilly : Oil Burner (Speck)


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Made by Melbourne potter, Alicia McVilly from Kumhara Clay handmade textured stoneware two piece oil burner. After being formed on the wheel, the oil burner is trimmed, fired, glazed and fired again to produce this gorgeous finished vessel.

You'll notice the main body and dish are made separately and both glazed making the pieces easy to clean and you'll have no problems matching this to your space as the neutral colour palette of the burner will suit just about any room's aesthetic. This oil burner is fully sealed and you can chose to use as a functional or ornamental piece. 


  • Stoneware clay
  • 10cm x 8cm

About the Maker

Alicia is the founder of Melbourne based brand Kumhara Clay. Alicia focuses on simplicity and functionality of form focusing mostly on tableware. Kumhara Clay pieces seek to create a feeling of space and calm allowing for peace of mind in our busy world.

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