Red Fox Pottery : Stoneware Mug (Little Dots)


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Another beautiful piece from potter Susi Fraser, Red Fox Pottery. In a super matte textured glaze Susi has artfully decorated each piece with dots, circles and stripes. If you like your coffee extra large, you'll love this one. A family favourite here at Noel & Gladys, with Susi's mugs being on regular rotation. 

The image here is an example of what you will receive. Each piece is individually formed so no two pieces are ever made the same, ensuring your mug is that little extra special.

  • 9cm x 9cm
  • Hand carved item from Stoneware clay

About the Maker

Susi Fraser from Red Fox Pottery is a maker of functional ceramic objects, her work is earthy and tactile inspired by nature. From her studio in Beaconsfield Victoria Susi's work is handmade on the pottery wheel, slab constructed or pinched by hand with love and purpose.

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