Will and Bear : Yorke Sand Hat


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Will and Bear : Yorke Sand Hat
Will and Bear : Yorke Sand Hat

The Will and Bear Yorke Straw Hat keeps the sun off in looks-cool Fedora style. The delicate weaving of this hat means it’s breathable and the Fedora shape and adjustable band makes this hat a his-or-hers, so you can share.

Will and Bear keep to their sustainability promises with the Yorke Hat by using 100% recycled materials in the construction and of course keeping our planet green when you buy this hat by planting 10 trees for every hat sold.

  • Brim Width 8cm
  • Crown 59cm
  • Made from 100% Recycled Paper
  • Natural Cotton Band
  • Adjustable One-Size-Fits-All

 About the Maker

Will and Bear are travellers inspired by nature and a life living on the road. They had an idea to create a hat brand where they can forever travel on the heads of their community and fight deforestation on the roads they’ve travelled. Will and Bear are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability by using 100% natural materials and an ongoing partnership with Trees.org to plant trees in the places that really need them.

So everytime you purchase a Will and Bear hat as their saying goes One Hat Sold Ten Trees Planted you’ll be contributing to the revitalisation of our environment and create opportunities for new forests to grow.

Will and Bear : Yorke Sand Hat
Will and Bear : Yorke Sand Hat

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