Are your workshops for beginners?

YES, all our workshops are designed to suit beginners. Because our workshops are small numbers that means you get a lot of one on one time with the artist so you can learn and create something beautiful.

How many people attend your workshops?

We generally limit our workshops to a maximum of 14 people, that way we make sure you get the most attention from the artist and time for conversation with the other workshop attendees.

Do you have parking?

There is on street parking available or alternatively you can park in the Library carpark behind the store.

Are all materials provided? Do I need to bring anything?

In most of our workshops all materials are provided, unless we specify. We’ll let you know in the online description of the workshop if you need to bring anything with you, also we’ll send a reminder out to you a few days before so you can get organised before the day.

I can no longer make it, can I get a full refund for the ticket?

Yes, we can arrange a refund if you can no longer make the workshop however you must let us know 5 days before in order to receive a full refund as the materials will be purchased for the number of people attending. If you let us know within 5 days we will be able to refund 50% of the ticket price. Contact us to arrange by email.

Will your store be open at the same time the workshop is on?

No, we will be closed at the time of the workshops to make sure there’s no distractions. We’re open for business to our workshop attendees if you’d like to purchase something while you’re here.

Can children come to your workshops?

Most workshops are suitable for children 12 years and up, however they will need to purchase a ticket to attend. As we are only a small store unfortunately we don’t have enough room for children who are not participating in the workshop. Contact us if you’d like to discuss we may be able to make exceptions.

23rd june

5th july

29th july

14th june

How it works?

Too easy. You purchase a ticket online. We send you the workshop pack, this will include all the materials necessary to successfully complete the workshop in your own space - yay!

In the pack we will include instructions on how to sign up to Zoom, all you need is the internet and an email address. It’s pretty easy. If you have a camera on your phone, iPad or laptop we’ll be able to see you too and yes you can ask questions along the way!

We will be recording these workshops and make these especially available to all attendees for 7 days, so you can go back and rewatch as many times as you like!

Workshops will be held on the day and time Eastern Standard Time (Sydney) as specified on the ticket information you see online.

Before you buy

As this will be completely online you will need an internet connection and preferably a camera on your device so you can get involved in the workshop and discussion and ask questions.

How to purchase?

Simply buy the ticket online and include your postal address so we can send the pack out. If you’re buying more than one ticket for other friends at other locations we’ll need their email and postal address to. But don’t worry we’ll contact you to make sure it gets to them.

Your ticket will need to be purchased at least a week before the workshop so it arrives prior to the workshop date.

Are these sessions live?

Yes, absolutely. A Noel & Gladys staff member and our artist will be dialling in to teach the workshop. It’s interactive you’ll be able to ask questions just like you were there.

Register for Zoom

After you’ve bought your ticket, head to Zoom HERE - and register for a free Basic account. You’ll need this to join. We will send you a link to the session via email a few days out from the workshop and we will give you additional instructions in your pack.

Different timezones

The beauty of hosting our workshops online means anyone from anywhere in Australia can attend our workshops. Workshops will be held on the day and time Eastern Standard Time (Sydney) as specified on the ticket page.

Liability Waiver

Noel & Gladys is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft that may happen to personal property brought onto the premises. This also includes any physical injuries sustained as a result of participating in any workshop or even organised by Noel & Gladys.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to take on full responsibility for any damages of personal property or physical injuries that may be incurred whilst participating in workshops or events organised by Noel & Gladys.

Digital Publishing, Photography and Videos

By purchasing a ticket to a Noel & Gladys workshop or event, you agree to allow Noel & Gladys to unrestricted publishing rights for any photographs or videos taken at a Noel & Gladys workshop or event or on our premises.


Noel & Gladys has the right to cancel any workshop or event, most of our workshops require a minimum of 5 people participating, in the event that the workshop or event is cancelled for any reason Noel & Gladys will notify you by email and issue you a full refund.