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    Meet Dan and Lou- two down to earth, adventure loving Aussies who will make you want to quit your day jobs and build a tiny home. The humble couple are no stranger to the simple life, and are currently renovating an ex fire truck to embark on another adventure travelling across Australia.

  • Louise & Daniel, Gippsland VIC

    Words by Rachel Abbott

    Images by Louise Purcell & Daniel Campion

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

    We are Dan and Lou, Virgo and Pisces for the astrology lovers, O negative and A positive for the vampire readers, who are often underrepresented.

    Dan grew up in the small country town of Maffra on a horse farm, which is where we live now while we build the truck house (big love and thanks to his Mum for taking us in and allowing these shenanigans to take place). I was born in Geelong, however was lucky enough to grow up across Australia with my parents moving interstate a few times, which kept things interesting and gave me a taste for the transient life.

    Our worlds collided in the coastal Victorian town of Torquay. Dan was finishing his carpentry apprenticeship and I was in my final year of University studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts. Once we were both qualified, we bought a Troopy and lived on the road, travelling Australia for nearly 2 years. I highly recommend this as the ultimate relationship test; everything is stripped raw, no comfort zones, no showers all while living in a small space together. Prisoners get more space and they have it to themselves. You will soon find out if your relationship will work and hopefully have the time of your life if you both come out alive!

    Where did you buy the truck from? Do you know the history of the truck?

    We found the truck in Toowoomba QLD owned by a man named Steve. It was within our budget, costing about $14,000, sometimes to get a good deal you’ve got to go the distance so we flew up from Victoria. He was a knowledgeable and friendly man who we spent time with while in Toowoomba. Steve used the truck for his tree mulching business, however previously the truck was used as a fire fighting truck and, in an interesting coincidence, our Troop carrier was also an ex-fire service vehicle.