Incausa : Incense Bundle - Breu Resin


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Vibrate into the atmosphere with the calming nature of Incausa’s incense bundles. Ethically sourced from the very beginning and caringly handmade from Breu resin extracted from the Almacega tree of the Amazon rainforest. Breu is used in healing rituals to ward off dark spirits and invite good energy.

  • Breu Resin
  • 6 incense sticks per bundle
  • Approximately 50 min burn time per stick.

About the Maker

Incausa is a study to find meaningfulness in profit; for mindful growth: personal, community and society. Beginning by creating a product line for ritual and meditation practice that touches on the ancient traditions, that are pure in essence, materials and simplicity. And with a design that speaks of a sustainable distancing from automation to up-value the human hand touch.

With the profits of their “incausa-line” and logistics network, they are able to act as a pro bono mediator for the Indigenous productions, connecting their trade to the international market without profit share. Incausa study is to help support indigenous heritage and sovereignty. Building a sustainable opportunity pathway to the artisans and also the final retailers.



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