Juno + Ace : Nova Brass Wall Hanging


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Small but mighty this little wall hanging by Juno and Ace is lovingly called Nova; a word to describe a stars increasing brightness before slowly returning to its original shine. This brass wall hanging will fit perfectly in that ‘not sure what to do with that’ little nook in your abode. 

Keep away from moisture and try so very hard not to handle the brass as some of the oils on our skin can tarnish this piece.



  •  13cm x 30cm long
  • Brushed satin effect brass
  •  Coated in lacquer to prevent tarnish

About the Maker

Lover of all things shiny, Sacha Jacobson first started Juno + Ace after a change of scenery from Brighton, UK to Sydney, Australia with her young family. What Sacha first began as a jewellery brand, quickly evolved into the spectacular it is today, not afraid to get down and dirty with her tools of the trade. All of Sacha’s designs are made in her beautiful studio in Sydney.

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