Wanderer Magazine - Issue 4


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Wanderer Magazine fourth Print issue REALITY. This issues mag is just over 100 A4 pages of passionate artists and creatives giving us a run down on how they got to where they are now. A very jam pack issue with oh so many inspiring interviews, photographers and more.

Over at Wanderer they're all about using the time you’ve got. They believe the best creators are resourceful; they use whatever they can find and work it into something amazing, and of course, have fun while doing so. These are precisely the type of people they’ve featured within this issue. From a musician that entirely produces and masters his own music, to a pair who’ve just created their own film lab, to a couple of hitch hikers traveling up and back down the west coast of Aus, and of course, a mystery man who once toured the world with Iggy Pop. They’re people who use what they’ve got and create spectacular art out of it: problem

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