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The P. F. Candle Co fragrance collections are each unique in their inspirations and creations, although they all share something in common – the ability to enhance, improve, and shift our lives in the day-to-day…The power of scent can shape and navigate the landscape of our memories. A single fragrance or even weaving of a few can change the atmosphere of an entire room.

Hand-dipped and packed with care in their Los Angeles studio, each kraft package includes 15 incense sticks.

Approximately 1 hour burn time.


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10.75″ long


NO. 04: TEAKWOOD & TOBACCO: Bold and complex, this scent starts out musky and a little bit sexy with lead notes of leather, pepper, and tobacco. A base of teak and sandalwood with a hint of orange and patchouli make this best selling fragrance popular with men and women.

NO. 11: AMBER & MOSS: Mossy and clean at the start, this fragrance’s base of musk and amber evokes a damp, wooded forest floor layered with soft oak moss. A hint of lavender and an infusion of sage and orange lend to this scent’s brightness.

NO. 19: PATCHOULI SWEETGRASS: Our modern take on the classic patchouli. This scent pairs vibrant sweetgrass with creamy sandalwood and smokey cedar. Calming yet bright and unexprected.

NO. 28: BLACK FIG: Mysterious and compelling, Black Fig infuses bright evergreen top notes with a heart of spice clove and tobacco. Calming lavender and sweet Mission Fig complement earthy patchouli and forest moss, lending to a sense of rugged sophistication.

NO. 29: PIÑON: The Pinon Pine hails from the American Southwest and Mexico and it’s earthy notes of pine and balsam fir are balanced by resinous amber and black pepper in this incense. Vanilla and smokey cedarwood bring warmth and familiarity.

NO. 26: COPAL: Inspired by a trip to Tulum, Mexico, this beautiful scented candle is a take on traditional Mayan incense and channels positive energy (without the smoke).This relaxing fragrance has spicy, woody notes such as pepper, rosemary, amber and cedar while a resinous base is lifted by a hint of citrus.

NO.31: CANNABIS: Sultry base notes of sweet balsamic, leather and vetiver harmonise with fragrant patchouli, piquant rhubarb and uplifting lemon to create a uniquely elevating experience that soothes the mind.This heady fragrance doesn’t contain the real deal, but the blend of notes will still get you in the zone.This scent is the perfect mix of green and earth notes.

NO. 32 SANDALWOOD ROSE: The grit of New York nights meets the botanical calm of a Los Angeles afternoon. Soft rose, earthy sandalwood, and mysterious oud create a magnetic depth.


P. F. Candle Co design, produce, and ship all their products under one roof in their factory in Los Angeles, CA. Home fragrance is the final puzzle piece of making your home feel like, well, home. P.F.’s mission is to create high-end quality candles at accessible price points, making home fragrance an everyday luxury.